Belchamps Tomahawk Club

Belchamps Tomahawk Club for regular throwers, instructors, volunteers and leaders with an interest.

The Join the Belchamps Tomahawks Team

Tomahawks have a requirement for training and the requirement for regular throwing you can cover that on club nights, also a team has been started to run the range to a high standard, keeping this activity adventurous and safe. The teams instructors have completed the Bushscout UK NSASU (National Scout Active Support Unit) tomahawk course and have logged a number of hours running the range and meet regularly to keep the level of skill required to help young people have a great experience of this exciting sport.

Some of our team are members of KATTA an ‘umbrella’ association of several affiliated clubs around the country. We also accept instructors who have completed the 1st Rayleigh Target Sports Instructor Development Course as runs to the same high standards it’s a great local option. You can view Bushscout UK NSASU Tomahawk Throwing for Young People Leaders Courses Here.

Contact Belchamps

Camp Site Address:

Holyoak Lane, Hockley

Essex, SS5 4JD

Telephone: 01702 842 684


Shop and Office Opening Times

10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm
Shop/Office Closed
3pm -6pm
Shop/Office Closed
Office Closed
Office Closed

Where To Find Belchamps

Belchamps Scout Activity Center

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