Scouting @ Belchamps

Visit Belchamps Scout Camp for a fun and exciting camping experience. Whether you want to camp in one of our campsites, hold a campfire or have all the fun of the outdoors whilst staying indoors overnight, Belchamps caters for all your Scouting  needs.

Scouting @ Belchamps

Visit Belchamps Scout Camp for a fun and exciting camping experience or visit the site for an activity or the day, Belchamps welcomes all from Scouting. We also offer events and welcome the use of the site for district and county events.

Lots of young people and their leaders use our facilities to work towards their badges or to hold campfires and book activities, and we are always happy to see them, the site is manned for the most part by scouting volunteers who want the young people that visit to have a great time.

After Covid there have been challenges, not all activities are available the site activities are mostly run by volunteers who are working hard to bring you as much as we can, we also welcome any new volunteers.

The Centre is co-owned by 4 surrounding districts – Castle Point, Crouch Valley, Southend West, and Southend Estuary. If you are from an owner district this is your site, you are part of Belchamps, groups from these 4 Scout districts enjoy discounted pricing, details can be found here.

Belchamps 2021

Scouts, Guides & Youth Price List

How do you Book for a camp?

Please call or email us to request a provisional booking. You can then confirm a completed booking form and appropriate deposit. Payment can be made by debit/credit card over the phone (up to £150), cheque or cash. Provisional bookings are held for 4 weeks and should be confirmed within this time by sending the appropriate deposit. All cheques should be made payable to “Belchamps Scout Centre”. Please include SAE if a receipt is required.

All deposits and booking forms should be sent to Belchamps Scout Centre, Holyoak Lane, Hawkwell, Hockley, Essex, SS5 4JD

The Magic of Scouting is happening every day @ Belchamps…

Contact Belchamps

Camp Site Address:

Holyoak Lane, Hockley

Essex, SS5 4JD

Telephone: 01702 842 684


Event Calendar

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Shop and Office Opening Times

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PLEASE NOTE: Office hours may vary please ring first, no answer? you can email us: and we will reply ASAP. I/We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Where To Find Us

Belchamps Scout Activity Center

Holyoak Ln, Hockley SS5 4JD

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