The Hutch and Den

The Hutch and Den is a secluded building situated in The Warren campsite. It sleeps 14 people in three 4-bed dorms and one 2-bed dorm. The campsite can also be used for wide games and campfires using the concrete fire blocks.

  • Sleeping for 14 in 3 rooms of 4 and a room of 2.
  • Heating is provided through electric heaters.
  • Fully equipped kitchen. 
  • Dining area with tables and chairs also usful for craft activitys.
  • Great view from veranda. 

Mattresses are provided but you should bring your own bedding/sleeping bags.

For the kitchen inventory click here

The building has a WC and further toilet facilities, including hot showers, are less than a minute walk away.

The Hutch and Den is situated in its own campsite, the Warren. There is a small campfire pit and also fire blocks at the end of the campsite.


To view the floor plan click here

Download Risk Assessment

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