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Educational Visits and Residentials @Belchamps

Belchamps Scout Activity Centre offers 30 acres of fantastic camping fields set in beautiful Essex countryside. With a single entrance into the site, which is monitored by CCTV, it’s safe and secure. We have five indoor accommodations.. Whether you are looking for a residential experience or just a day visit, all of we will ensure that your event is safe, excellent value for money..

We also want to make it as easy and comfortable for the staff bringing them as possible. Our prices are realistic; we are a non-profit making organisation, so any surplus goes directly back into improving the facilities we offer. As a charity, our primary focus isn’t to make a profit – it’s to ensure every child has a great experience, one that will stay with them for a lifetime. We are a relatively small organisation in the outdoor adventure industry and, because of this, we offer a more personal service. We tailor your experience to your needs and are always on hand to provide help and advice before and during your stay.We have a maximum of four schools staying on site at any one time with room for a further two or three, depending on numbers, on day visits. We can accommodate larger groups with exclusive use of our tented villages.

We are very adaptable; if your group is taking longer than expected on a particular activity and we don’t get through the whole group in the allotted time, we’ll run over. If we still don’t get through the group you can be sure we’ll do our best to make sure those who miss out come back later so that no-one goes away disappointed.

More information?

Ease contact Guest Services on 01702 562690 or email us at info@belchamps.org.uk


Here’s a video which can tell you about Skills for Life

It describes the employability skills (like teamwork, leadership and problem solving), the character skills (like resilience, tenacity and confidence) and the practical skills (like first aid, navigation and coding) that young people need to succeed.

Scouting has changed over the last decade. Its changed the way we look and do things. Scouting introduced a new brand, uniform, programme and training scheme. We became smarter at how we deliver Scouting through better support for volunteers, and enabling people in wall walks of life to learn more skill and become more confident.

At Belchamps we want to offer our facilities to all young people in the hope that Skills for Life will be the result.

Contact Belchamps

Camp Site Address:

Holyoak Lane, Hockley

Essex, SS5 4JD


Telephone: 01702 842 684


Event Calendar

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Belchamps Birthday Party Trail @ Belchamps Scout Activity Centre
May 31 – Jun 6 all-day
Happy Birthday – Too us!
Happy Birthday – Too us!
Belchamps Scout Centre is 85 this year. Help us celebrate by booking on to one of our famous trails.
You’ll be walking around the campsite looking for all the toppings and ingredients to make a birthday cake! The trail lasts about 30 – 45 minutes and must be booked online!
Limited spaces are available!
Just £5 per child, Adults are free.
Party bags for all paid children at the end!
Takeaway tea and coffee will be available.

Shop and Office Opening Times

10am - 4pm
10am - 4pm
Call Office
Call Office
Call Office
Call Office
Call Office

PLEASE NOTE: Office hours may vary due to the pandemic please ring first, or email us: info@belchamps.org.uk

Where To Find Us

Belchamps Scout Activity Center

Holyoak Ln, Hockley SS5 4JD

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