Belchamps Service Crew

Belchamps would not be where it is today without it’s dedicated volunteer service crew and it’s something to be very proud of, being part of the Crew.
Volunteers come from all walks of life including Students, Tradesmen, Leaders, Pairents, Nurses, Firefighters, Ex-Army,  Explorer Scouts doing the camp Service Badge.

About Service on the Crew

Being a member of the Crew is not just about that glow that comes from helping others, it’s about being part of our team.

We look after our volunteers, Lunch is provided and when you are a regular member you will receive your crew shirt, eventually, your award of a Belchamps Necker, showing everyone you are one of us.

The everyday adventure is possible thanks to our adult volunteers...

Contact Belchamps

Camp Site Address:

Holyoak Lane, Hockley

Essex, SS5 4JD

Telephone: 01702 842 684


Shop and Office Opening Times

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PLEASE NOTE: Office hours may vary due to the pandemic please ring first, or email us:

Where To Find Us

Belchamps Scout Activity Center

Holyoak Ln, Hockley SS5 4JD

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